What is HFT?
High frequency trading (HFT) is a powerful computerized trading system based on proprietary algorithms. Using complex algorithms to analyze multiple financial markets and execute orders based on current market conditions, the system is capable of transacting a large number of orders at extremely high speed.

Trading Trends

Thinking Trend-Following Machines
Crowd path following may not always be advisable, but when it comes to trading, going with the trend is usually a good idea. Trend following is probably one of the oldest approaches to investment, still widely and successfully implemented in modern days trading.

Trading News

Trading News Data – Good News for the Investors.
News is one of the major forces that move the market. News data is a quantifiable and when incorporated into a trading strategy, news can be a powerful advantage for investors. Each week, a large amount of data, including economic and corporate news, surveys and reports, is being released and commented on.