Account Verification & Compliance

Q?Why do we require ID verification to activate an account?

AIT has zero tolerance to criminal activities, such as money laundering and identity thief.

We are committed to provide secure investment and funds management to all our customers.

This is why we employ stern security policies, compliance regulations and verification procedures.


A photocopy of your ID or Driving license in your country (Front & Back).

Q?Proof of address

A photo copy of a Utility bill or Bank bill or other proof of residence (with the address and full name on the bill).

Q?C.C Verification

A photocopy, both sides of the Credit Card (Front & Back).

Q?Is there any legal contract?

Yes. We require that read and sign a Waiver Form, to acknowledge the financial risks involved in this type of investment authorize AIT to manage your funds, as specified by your investment plan.