Q?Who can invest with AIT

Anyone. We have recently adapted our products for individual investors who can now benefit from our technologies along with banks, hedge funds, financial institutions and companies.

Q?What are the investment options?

We offer three main investment plans – HFT (high frequency trading), Trends trading and News trading.

Each product provides unique benefits. Visit our Products section for more information or contact us for assistance with choosing the right investment plan for you.

Q?How soon can I expect to see profits?

Investment timeframes range from 3 months to 10 years, depending on chosen structure. Profits can be withdrawn at any time.

Q?What amount of risk is involved?

The right type of investment depends on your risk tolerance. We offer three risk management models for each product – Conservative, Moderate or Speculative. Our robo-adviser can help you choose the right type of investment, based on your needs and goals.