Our Servers

We employ the top of the line IBM and CISCO systems, using IBM for the hardware and CISCO to utilize our Database. Our experience shows that a speed of information transfer, data analysis and execution are crucially important for efficient performance and large data management. Therefore, we apply tactics that take the best advantage of the latest hardware technology innovations. Only the overall best-in-class performer can lead the sophisticated AIT industry.

Our HFT Broker

Our servers are directly connected to our partner - a Wall street broker, located a few blocks away from NYSE. This broker executes our trades in micro and milliseconds. Our trades are in a priority status with our broker, meaning they are made instantly, with no latencies in information transfer.


  • Close proximity to NYSE
  • An established broker since 1998
  • Directly plugged into the market
  • Lightning speed executions
  • Robust And Reliable


More Information About Our Infrastructure