Artificial intelligence software uses complex algorithms to analyze real time news data, as well as historical data for the past 50 years.
The system identifies keywords, such as companies’ names, figures and sometimes semantics in news feeds from numerous sources – news agencies, company press releases, economic data, such as the non-farm payroll numbers and the GDP report, and translates the information and indicators drawn from this vast amount of data into trading decisions.
It is possible to use artificial intelligence with any trading style or strategy. For example: if trading commodities, the system will be analyzing agricultural news, weather forecasts, political factors, natural disasters and more; if trading stocks - companies press releases, employment/ unemployment rates, majority’s sentiment and more; if trading Forex- political and economic stability in countries represented by the currencies, inflation rates, interest rates and more.
The outstanding advantage of artificial intelligence in trading the news is the ability to analyze large data in short period of time and to precisely evaluate every available opportunity.
Over the past few years, we have witnessed numerous examples of artificial intelligence trading efficiency.
For instance, in 2014, the AI system correctly predicted the decrease in Oil prices, still visible today, based on economic indicators in China.
Our systems work on direct feeds from major sources, such as Reuters, Bloomberg, CNN and many more.

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