High Frequency Trading

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High frequency trading (HFT) is a powerful computerized trading system based on proprietary algorithms.
Using complex algorithms to analyze multiple financial markets, the system is capable to capture even the most minor fluctuations in prices of tens of thousands assets, and execute orders on a large scale at milliseconds speed.
In a time that would take a human trader to say the word “order”, HFT system, connected to a stock exchange via low latency trading infrastructure, can make approximately 1000 trades. Implementation of HFT algorithms in AI technology resulted in a breakthrough improvement of the return rates for the investors. The innovative technology enables not only to execute orders at a superior speed, but also to accurately evaluate the markets and to respond to constantly changing conditions with a speed impossible for any human. Much anticipated by short-term investors, integration of HFT in artificial intelligence technology opens new horizons in the investment.

Key Advantages of HFT:

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