“Every trader needs a trend to make money” - Van K. Tharp

A trend is a general drift or tendency in a set of data. All measurements of trend involve comparing current figures and previous figures, in order to evaluate the direction of the trend. The accuracy of recognizing the trend depends upon the method used to perform the comparison. Real instruments fluctuate on daily, monthly and yearly basis, providing an enormous supply of data to use for determining the trend. AIT uses an algorithmically based software to analyze data gathered over the past decades to recognize the creation of trends in multiple assets’ prices. The system captures the price fluctuations over a set period of time, in order to correctly evaluate the direction of the trend. Implementation of artificial intelligence, which is capable of learning from history of price behavior, enabled us to avoid false starts, known as whipsaws, by filtering the misleading signals. The uniqueness of AI technology is that it mimics the human thinking, while exhibiting by far greater ability in terms of efficiency and speed of data processing. Trend trading is based around the human element, therefore, successful implementation of the unique AI technology, which is based on human brain patterns, but has a greater quantitative capacity, bore astonishing results, significantly increasing the ROI and minimizing the risk exposure. AIT’s trend trading software is certain to be a valuable product for all the investors and for long-term traders in particular.

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Our Trends investment product is connected to a neural network of Data Mining, which is constantly searching for breaking news and updating the system according to information flow.

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