Our Trading Platform

AIT’s Ctrader platform brings the edge of technological innovation in the financial market.

AIT’s unique strategic developments, combined with light speed execution created a powerful tool which enables to trade various international markets simultaneously and generate profits around the clock. Using the latest innovations in computer technology, we created a unique trading platform, capable of processing big data and make investment decisions with unparalleled speed. Designed by professional fund managers and leading programmers, AIT’s platform implements the most advanced techniques and develops new market and financial models.

Key Advantages:

  • Modularization

  • Light speed execution

  • Multifunctional

  • High analytic ability

  • In built, highly efficient risk management instruments

  • Fast deployment

  • Robustness

cAlgo delivers powerful, fast and reliable automated trading in an easy to use, coding-friendly environment for developing and testing your own robots and custom indicators.

  • Plug & Play cBot Trading

      cAlgo’s ‘plug and play’ functionality lets you load a cBot, or download one from other users in the community, and click ‘play’ to instantly begin trading.

  • Backtesting

      cAlgo features advanced backtesting capabilities that let you test your cBot’s performance against historical data. You’ll be able to see detailed event logs, complete profit loss and trade reports, and graphs of your cBot’ performance. Set a historical time period, hit play, and watch as the results come in.

  • In-built Code Editor

      Code for cBots and indicators can be written using Visual Studio or cAlgo’s code editor. The code editor is designed to make coding as straightforward and hassle-free as possible, with search fields to help you find parts of your source, and autocomplete for intuitive coding.

  • Email Notifications

      Program your cBots to send you important notifications about your trading. You can receive emails for order entry, order close, stop loss hit, stop loss modified, take profit hit and take profit modified.