Risk disclosure
This risk disclosure purpose is to outline some of the risks involved with the usage of Software, in the manner described in the letter this risk disclosure is attached to. Trading with the Software with the use of leverage is considered a high risk and speculative method of investment. Therefore, “algo trading” (trading with automated algorithmic software) is suitable only for those who have sufficient knowledge about trading, the principles that apply to it, the terms used and their meaning, as well as knowledge regarding the risks involved. Trading with the automated Software is suitable only for persons who are well aware of the risks involved within trading in the capital markets, when using leverage and the risk to lose all of the Client's deposited funds, in a short period. Therefore, you must consider if trading with the automated Software is suitable to your needs and ability, your financial conditions and personal circumstances, in light of, among others, the following:

1. The high degree of “leverage” causes means that a relatively small movement in the underlying market aster price can have a disproportionately dramatic effect on the Client’s trade and funds with the Company, which may cause a good profit, but may also expose the Client to a large loss, in a short time period.

2. When entering a transaction, there is a cost component which comes into effect in the difference between buy and sell price quotes offered in the trading platform. These costs may have a significant influence in the aggregate.

3. In any case, under no circumstances, the Company shall not be liable for any consequence of the usage of the Software and/or avoidance from performing any transaction order. In case you have a doubt if “algo trading” using the Software is suitable for you, you are to consult with a financial advisor on your behalf. The Company does not provide its clients with any form of advice with respect to trading and/or tax results. You should be aware that trading with the automated trading Software is based on and operates through communication and internet networks, and therefore (a) Trading may be interrupted or ceased etc. without prior notice. In case of cease of commerce, the Company shall be entitled but not obligated to close the open positions without giving notice to the Client which reflect market conditions at the time, without the Client's right to any claim against the Company or its members; (b) the Company and anyone on its behalf shall not be responsible for any loss or damage of any kind that will be caused to the clients, in case of force majeure or other external event that is not controlled by the Company, that has had influence on the trading platform. The potential for profits or losses is also influenced by fluctuations in currencies pairs rates which are influenced, inter alia, by political and economic events of the country where the currency is being traded, and can significantly change under the circumstances, conditions, demand and price of the underlying financial instrument. Extreme market conditions or technological limitations may cause that certain trade orders (such as stop-loss or limit) will not be received or executed and your account may be subject to a losses (which those orders were supposed to limit), within short time periods. The Company's rates are indicative and binding, and may vary between different forex companies. You must be aware that the Software is not supervised by a regulatory body, and no clearing or other center third party ensure the financial liability of the Company towards you as a result of trading. In case of insolvency or avoidance of payment, you may suffer losses.