Portfolio Management

AIT has years of long experience in funds management, working both with private investors and companies.
We give an utmost attention to our customer's requirements, in order to construct a profitable, yet risk balanced portfolio.
Experience shows that we have achieved superior returns on investment, while minimizing clients'
psychological involvement and securing their funds.

Portfolio Analysis

Our dedicated team of analysts will work with you to define goals and increase the potential of
your existing portfolio.
We carefully consider clients’ individual needs, examining specific trades and volumes of their portfolio
in order to provide them with a comprehensive, in depth analysis, helping them to see the bigger picture.

Robots Programming, Testing & Debugging

Our specialist team of programmers and other experts in their field is pioneering
the morden finacial market.
Programming codes developed by us run on any known trading platformand
fix any broken codes or syntaxes.

Risk Management

Our analysts take upon themselves the challenging task of risk management.
The portfolio assessment, trades predictions and risk calculations are made with
careful consideration and are conducted under strict rules & regulations.

Portfolio Customization

Our financial specialists will analyze the client’s portfolio to define goals according
to individual needs.
We’ll examine spreads, volumes and executions and compare data, to achieve
highest potential of the portfolio.

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Strong Points From Our Research

  • 1

    Professional Expertise.

    We have the best and full team working in our company to get the job done properly: Analysts, Hardware Engineers, Software Programmers, Traders and Economists advisors.

  • 2

    Track Record Of Success

    We pride ourselves in a long and successful track in the financial industry.

  • 3

    High Work Ethics And Standards

    Our company relies on expertise, knowledge and professionalism only.